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How do you pick your next destination when you want to go everywhere and see everything?! Choosing one feels like giving up another. 🌍

HOW TO FLY FOR FREE & TRAVEL MORE OFTEN | Freely Mi by Michelle Bazis

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Some say Hawaii has a way of ruining all other travel. We only spent 10 days on one island and even the rainy day was magical. Apparently Kauai is the most remote place on the planet...maybe that’s why every local told us it’s their favorite of the Hawaiian islands. 🌺 Click the link in my bio to check out my latest @youtube videos from the trip!


Click to jump straight to my favorite part of the heli tour in Kauai. 😲 -->>>

3 Things About Introverts That Might Surprise You | Freely Mi Blog

Am I speaking to YOU with this one? Introverts don't always look or act like what you'd expect. For example, I could have double-majored in public speaking and I used to dance at halftime in front of thousands. 😳

Give it a read, you might learn something new about a friend or yourself. 👍


If you've ever thought about visiting Kauai, a helicopter view shows just how much there is to see and do. 10 days just wasn't enough. More videos to come so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Bryan Murray Mrš Pïglēt Flpsde - Thanks for the amazing gift Jacque Horn Seth Horn!


A truly stunning stay & eye-opening experience! Read my recap on Freely Mi & don't forget to like Rooted's page:


The latest travel video on my YouTube channel! Cameos by: Bryan Murray Flpsde Mrš Pïglēt Rooted

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One of the happiest places on the planet 🌍 Costa Rica #puravida

Belated "New" Apartment Tour | FreelyMi by Michelle Bazis

Welcome to our cozy bungalow! We've been here for about a year & every day feels more homey.

Everything we own has a special meaning or purpose. Much of our furniture is antique/vintage like our 200-year-old maple wood kitchen table, which belonged to my grandpa's grandma, or Ben's mid-century reading chair, which came from a retired lawyer's office. We have a clipping from a 30-year-old rubber tree plant that my parents have had longer than me. Each of our "trinkets" have been collected from travels, and our art all comes from myself or a loved one.

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Don’t wait for anyone to tell you when to take a break! Avoid the typical #springbreak dates for better travel prices & enjoy having more beach to yourself. 🌴

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Who else is ready for a little more color and a lot less cold outside?! 🌺🌴

"I came to the conclusion that everything around me was not as it should be and I needed to figure out what was missing. It was around this time that I met Ben, who was in a similar state of mind, and together we rediscovered our faith. I moved to Florida, began seeking relationships filled with joy and respect, and experiences that added to my life. I came to know God in a way they don’t teach in Sunday school, which ultimately revealed my true value."

Have you read this yet?

International Womens Day - My #MeToo Testimony

"Ironically, college was more of a problem with women. I never felt I didn’t have equal opportunities with jobs or school. I never felt discriminated against as a student or employee. However, as a dancer, this was when I first experienced body shaming. The women, not the men, around me would tell me I was “bigger” than my teammates and should consider extra workouts or visiting a dietician – I was 19, 5’4″ and 125lbs."

Read the full testimony here ->

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Ever have one of those weeks, or months, that just takes the juice out of you? It feels like you can’t get enough sleep, coffee isn’t working, and thoughts seem to be filtering through molasses. There’s no shortage of work, but there is a shortage of time. ⏱ Do your best but listen to your will tell you when things are off balance. If you’re reading this, chances are you could use a tech break. 📱Put your phone on silent in a drawer for an evening and see how you feel. Read (off screen), write (on paper), play with your pets, make dinner from scratch, go for a walk, create something with your hands, 🎨watch the sunset from your patio. Sometimes breaking the routine is the best way to get your juice back. 🍋

4 Things I Learned From Going Vegan - Freely Mi Wellness

One of the questions I get the most is, “Are you still doing the vegan thing?” I try to be both sensitive and transparent when claiming the “vegan” title because it can have different meanings for different people. Click to read more about why I made this choice and a few things I've learned since.

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This is where I feel most tranquil. Early morning, sitting in the sand, watching the waves & feeling the sun come up. 😌

UNILAD Adventure

Who's comin' with me?!!

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You’re never too old! I didn’t stand up consistently until I was 30. I may not be able to hang with the boys yet, but “0-1 & tons of fun” is my jam! Surfing is tough to pick up & if you don’t have an opportunity to practice regularly, it can take a long time to get your groove. I used to dink around on foam-top rentals when we lived in Florida, something I took for granted since I hadn’t anticipated leaving the coast. Now when we travel, if it’s safe for newbies, I’ll ask Ben to help me learn. This year, I finally stood up in Kauai & a few months later started catching my own waves in San Clemente! 🏄🏻‍♀️ I hope it’s like riding a bike because I can’t wait until we’re back at the beach! 📸 Thanks to our friend Brett for the loaners & video proof! 😂

Letting the sounds of San Clemente Pier lull me to sleep 😌💤

Redefine Your Worth & Stop Fighting With Perfection

Start your workweek with some encouragement from Freely Mi! 💪 "What does perfection look like? I’ve decided that – for most of us – our understanding of perfection is usually defined by external things." Know your worth and start realizing just how much power you have inside of you! ❤️

Postcards from Kauai, Hawaii

FRESH POST ALERT! 22 new photos in this visual diary from our trip to Kauai, Hawaii - more on this trip to come so make sure you follow on Instagram (@FreelyMi) and subscribe to my email list.

Photos from Freely Mi by Michelle Bazis's post


Flpsde LLC. is an innovative water bottle concept nearly five years in the making. The patent- pending “Dual Chamber Container,” was created and developed in Omaha, and launched in January 2018. Since launching, FLPSDE has caught the attention of athletes, parents and pet owners all over the world for its one-of-a-kind functionality.

FLPSDE water bottles hold 22oz in an outer chamber and 8oz in a removable inner chamber. Each end has a low profile cap allowing users to set it flat on either side. Avid hikers are instagramming adventures with their dogs, using FLPSDE to hold water and kibble. Travelers have been packing FLPSDE to stay hydrated in-flight and secure keys on the beach.
FLPSDE is more than a bottle-company; it is a brand. Inspired by experiences in professional sports and entertainment, FLPSDE is building an influential list of brand ambassadors and sponsored athletes. As the company grows, events and new products will be announced. Updates will be shared in FLPSDE exclusive emails and social media accounts.

More Information
Facebook and Instagram: Flpsde

UNILAD Adventure

Let's go!!


Flpsde is sooo handy for savvy travelers! Stay hydrated with 22oz of water on one side & efficient with essentials in the other side: Keys, cash, granola bars, tickets etc! I used my FLPSDE at the beach and put my keys, sunscreen and sunglasses in the inner! 👍Show this new nomad-friendly brand some love with a LIKE & order your own by clicking here:

MorningSky Omaha

I'm not sure I could handle LA, Miami, Chicago or NYC with 1,000 more people, let alone 50,000. 🙈 #travelnightmare

Day✌🏼Huntington Beach with the Schroeder clan! This video definitely puts me in a mellow mood.

Day 1 : San Clemente, California ☀️Attempting a daily Visit California recap with the handy-dandy iMovie app! Enjoy the white noise 🌊😌

THANKSGIVING 2017 | Freely Mi by Michelle Bazis

Here's the latest from my Freely Mi Youtube channel. A very cozy Thanksgiving weekend recap. Happy holidays!


Flpsde doing cool thangs with the home team!

Talking Travel: Is Tourism Killing Communities?

This morning, I was reading an article that said many destinations are cracking down on tourism because it is harming their local community. This makes me sad for two reasons: (1) Destinations are capitalizing on tourism and diluting a truly authentic experience for the sake of money. (2) Uneducated travelers could be ruining a good thing for those of us who travel for more reasons than going viral on Instagram.

There should be no fast-food version of travel. I don’t want anything less than 100% all-natural destination. Don’t give me the diluted version created to pad your wallet and cater to the masses. If you want tourists to respect your home and show genuine interest in you and your community, stop coddling them with westernized amenities.

Click to read the full post:

Life Update - Let's Catch Up

While writing this, I realized how much has actually happened since I last posted to Freely Mi. It's one of those things where it feels like something happened so long ago, but really it was only last month. This update has it all: new experiences, travels, family events and more. Let's catch up!